Sicilian Vampire
Sicilian Vampire

Sicilian Vampire  


Equal parts Goodfellas and Dusk Till Dawn, Sicilian Vampire tells the story of reputed mobster Sonny Trafficante who was hoping to get away to the family hunt lodge for a little rest and relaxation. Instead, what he got was a night he will never forget.

While there, a bat, released from a container of bananas they brought up to the lodge, takes a vicious bite out of Sonny’s neck before flying off into the night.

From that moment on, Sonny is entrusted with powers beyond that of any mortal – supersonic hearing, enhanced sight, and even the ability to speak to the dead.

Due to his heightened senses, Sonny now feels a responsibility to right the wrongs in his life, and protect those he loves. Initially resisting his new found powers, will he welcome his fate in the end?

Genre: Films, Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Thriller, Horror, Drama

Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 1 x 125-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Canada

Production Company:In Your Ear Productions