No Deposit
No Deposit

No Deposit  


No Deposit is the story of a family man, Mickey Ryan, who falls from grace through no fault of his own when a series of events beyond his control send him on a downward spiral.

With his life turned upside down, Mickey tries valiantly to resolve his issues but hooks up with the wrong people who blind him with anger and hate.

Then his life takes an even worse turn as evil infiltrates and he becomes involved in a series of crimes that seem to give him no way out.

Just when everyone is about to give up on him and he is poised to fall off the edge of life, one person finally steps up in a moment of redemption and forgiveness – but can they save him from the brink of desperation?



“The idea of the film is quite brilliant and the plot itself is rich”THE MOVEABLE FEST

“D`Angelo offers an interesting topic... relevant nowadays and engaging” - MOVIE MOVES ME

“A hit…A wonderful cast" - TORONTO SUN

Genre: TV Movies, Films, Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 1 x 80-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Canada

Production Company:In Your Ear Productions