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Joy Division
Joy Division

Joy Division  


The past is a place you cannot escape.

Joy Division tells the story of Thomas, an ex-member of the Hitler Youth and ex-Soviet spy, living life anonymously in Central America and haunted by memories of his troubled past - his lost love, his instinct for survival and his relentless quest for individual freedom.

Recalling in flashbacks the horrors of war and the murky existence of a spy, Thomas is taken on a journey from the Armageddon of the last days of the Third Reich to the Cold War of ideology in Moscow and London, as his conscience forces him to face his ghosts.



"Sweeping, tumultuous, historical epic" - NEW YORK TIMES

“Challenging and powerful . . . it is Traviss’ British film Joy Division that is perhaps the most daring of all” - THE INDEPENDENT 

“Ambitious and he succeeds admirably in recreating both the wartime devastation and the atmosphere of swinging sixties London” - BIRMINGHAM POST 

Genre: TV Movies, Films, Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Action, War, History, Drama, Coming-of-Age, Action & Thriller

Year of Production: 2005

Running Time: 1 x 100-minutes

Country: UK

Production Company:RST Pictures presents, a Reg Traviss Film, produced by Kingsway Films