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Bruno - Presented by Palatin Media

Bruno - Presented by Palatin Media  



In the idyllic town of St Denis in rural France, Chef de Police, pillar of the community and eligible bachelor Bruno Courreges cooks, builds his own house, grows his own food… and catches criminals, in these engaging new crime dramas based on Martin Walker’s bestselling novels.

When it becomes known that Perigord’s black truffles – the most important natural resource in the region – are being cut with cheap imports from Asia, Bruno has to investigate. But after the region’s greatest truffle expert is found murdered, the case takes a dramatic turn, and what begins as an amiable story about a culinary speciality soon accelerates into a high-speed thriller spanning several continents and half a century.

Perigord is not only a gourmet paradise, it also has a highly fertile soil for premium wines, and Californian wine producer Bondino has major plans for the area. St Denis faces the ultimate decision – to remain a tranquil idyll or become the centre of a modern wine industry holding the promise of new jobs? The fight soon becomes increasingly bitter, and when a dead body is found in a wine barrel, the situation begins to change very fast…

Genre: TV Movies, Films, Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Year of Production: 2016 - 2017

Running Time: The New Crime Movie Franchise

Available in HD: Yes

Country: France/Germany

Production Company:A Memento Film, Palatin Media and Delphi Medien Production