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Being anti-social is simply a way of life for siblings Dee (Gregg Sulkin, Faking It) and Marcus (Josh Myers, Legend) in this coming-of-age crime thriller, inspired by London’s real-life smash-and-grab gangs and the audacious heists carried out by this new generation of young organised criminals.

From within London’s melting pot of street and gangland culture, two brothers step up to make their mark on society.

Dee, a talented anarchic graffiti artist has a wild time daubing the city’s buildings with his iconic street art. Meanwhile, Marcus, an ambitious armed robber, leads his motorbike gang on a daredevil crime spree, raiding London’s most exclusive designer jewellers. As Dee’s talent begins to be embraced by the trendy art elite and he relocates to London’s chic East End, Marcus amasses a small fortune and strikes a deal with an organised crime syndicate that elevates him into new criminal territory.

But the brothers are bound by an unyielding family loyalty and, when Marcus’s world implodes in an ultra-violent gangland war, Dee is forced to risk all he has become. And, as the police and rival gangs close in, Marcus has no option but to defiantly take down the largest target of his career.



“An exciting, intelligent piece of cinema” -  HEY U GUYS

“A gripping viewing experience“ -  HOLLYWOOD NEWS

“The best brit gangster picture in decades“ - JOCKS & NERDS

“The film displays remarkable energy and fun” -  THE TIMES

"Good Michael Mann shoot-out pastiches" - THE GUARDIAN

"Likeable acting" - TIME-OUT

"Gripping" - DAILY MIRROR

"Excellent cast - ****”[Four stars]" - BRITFLICKS

Genre: TV Movies, Films

Sub Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime, Coming-of-Age, Action & Thriller

Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 1 x 103-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:An RST Pictures Production