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American Fable
American Fable

American Fable  


Eleven-year-old farm-girl Gitty has been avoiding the reality of her family’s financial troubles by living in her imagination, but when she discovers that her father and brother are holding a wealthy man for ransom in order to save their struggling farm, she is forced to pull off the blinders. Gitty’s love of fairytales provides a surreal and fantastical lens for the choice she must make: side with her family and keep quiet or follow her conscience and save a stranger’s life.

Both grounded and magical, dreamy and thrilling, American Fable is Pan’s Labyrinth meets Mud.



‘Hamilton builds an arresting aura of wonder and terror’ - VARIETY

‘American Fable manages to achieve that rare feat of cinema, being both familiar
and unique. Echos of Spielberg, Malick, and del Toro are woven into a distinct
coming of age tale, and Peyton Kennedy puts in the performance of the festival...’

‘AMERICAN FABLE Teems With Brilliance’ - TWITCH FILM

‘Let writer-director Anne Hamilton tell you a story, because she’s got a heck of one
in American Fable...A dream slowly becoming nightmare and we are just lucky
enough to be along for the ride.’

‘Gorgeously shot, and helmed with a sense of daring and verve’ - VARIETY

Genre: Films, Drama & Comedy

Sub Genre: Thriller, Supernatural, Drama

Running Time: 1 x 97-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA